Making a Bear Cave in Preschool

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Hello. Welcome to my new blog. I decided to make the move after I ran out of photo space on Blogger. It just made sense to me that if I was going to be paying a monthly fee for my blog, I might as well move to something that offered me a better platform for all that I want to do.  So, here I am!

I’m obviously still working on this new site – it’s taking me a excruciating amount of time to do anything.  However, I’m ready to charge forth, and as a result, have started posting here today.  About bears.  And their caves.

This Week We're Talking About BearsLast week was Bear Week with the Little People.   We did all kind of fun things – we made bears, counted bears, graphed bears, hugged a lot of bears, and even had a “Bring a Bear to School Day” at the end of the week.

One thing we did was make bears out of circles both big and small.  They are now living in our room in their bear cave.

Here’s what the cave looks like:

Making a Bulletin Board Bear Cave is really quite simple. You just need two colors of paper, and better yet, the more the paper gets crumpled and wrinkled, the better your cave will look!

You will need:

  • Black Butcher Paper: Since our school was out of black paper when I made this, I bought a roll of it that was about 48″ x 12 feet, and it was just enough for the back of my cave.
  • Brown Butcher Paper:  Ideally, you will need one length of butcher paper to go all along the outside edge of your cave.  I used a piece that was about 20 feet long and had a little extra left over.  Obviously, it depends on the size of the cave you’re making.

Step One:  The first step is to make the ‘inside” of the cave.  Spread black paper across the bulletin board to make the size that you want the cave to be.  As you can see by the picture below, I trim or fold under the edges to make a “hill” shape as I attach it.  However, these edges will be covered up, so they don’t have to be at all perfect:

Step Two: Take your long length of brown butcher paper and reduce the width of it by crumpling it up into a long, skinny strip.  It should still be the same length that you started with — just skinnier.

Step Three: Using staples or push pins, attach this crumpled-up strip of paper over the outer edges of your black paper.  Remember that messy is good.  If you end up with extra paper like I did, you can make a rock or two (watching out for the electrical plugs like I did, since we all know how bears like their electronics).

Step Four:  Add some bears!

We keep our bears up in their cave until we got home for the Winter Break.  However, to make them go with the season, we add Santa hats to them.   I’m planning to add those on tomorrow.  Bears are good, but Santa Bears are even better!

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