Community Helpers in Preschool

**Update:  I now have patterns for these Community Helper pieces for sale in my teacher stores.  You can find them here on Teachers Pay Teachers and here on Teachers Notebook.  Thanks for taking a look!




I’m falling behind a little bit with my descriptions of what we’ve been up to at school.  However, the fact remains that week before last was or “Community Helpers” unit.  Or our “Worker” unit, as we usually call it.

After we talk about different kinds of workers for a few days, I ask the Little People what they think they might like to be when they grow up, and ask me to draw me a picture.  However, a day or so before I was planning to do this, I remembered this pin on Pinterest, and an idea came into my head.  What if the Little People made “adult versions” of themselves and then we could add hats or other props for their future chosen profession?

I decided to go with the Circle Self Portraits again, since they are so easy for the Little People to do. We did use wiggly eyes this time instead of asking them to make all of their features with markers. I first showed them an example, meant to be me.

 I then used my example to model some different hats. Then we let the Little People make their own versions of themselves.  I thought they turned out wonderfully.  Here’s one example pre-hair:

Once they were dry we asked the Little People what they wanted to be when they grew up and we dressed them accordingly.  Here’s what we ended up with:

A chef.  This is one of my favorite hats.

I’m kind of thinking that I must have mentioned while explaining the project to them that their people might have hair on their faces because they would be showing themselves as grownups.  I must admit that when I said this, I meant beards.  But actually we got all variety of hair glued to the face.  In fact, if you looked at this worker without the beard you might think that he wanted to be – say – a werewolf when he grew up.

A soldier.

An artist.

A teacher.

A nurse.  I had a little trouble with this one, since nurses just don’t wear hats like this these days.  In fact, nurses seem to be recognized more by scrubs these days.  So I made a shirt pattern so that the nurses could have scrubs.

Look, here I am as a nurse.

The doctor was a little easier.  However, as my teenage son pointed out, this could also be a person who lives in a place with really bad air pollution.

A cowgirl.

A mechanic. When I was trying to decide how to show that he was a mechanic, I considered smearing some grease on his face.  However, I decided to just give him a wrench.

An astronaut.  No one chose this one, but I really liked how the helmet turned out.

A (hairy) firefighter.

A teacher.

I must admit that I’m glad that no one chose to be a pirate when they grew up.  Because it’s common knowledge that to be a pirate is to be a criminal.  And I do try to steer my Little People away from any kind of criminal lifestyle.  However, the pirate did turn out really cute…

A surgeon.


A football player.

A construction worker.  (Yes, that’s me again.)

A librarian.  I have to admit that this one makes me shake my head a little.  The Little Person who made it worked so, so hard on the hair.  You can see how she added one piece after another up the left side.  Then apparently she got tired, went for the comb-over, and she was done.  However, she can spend some time reading up on hair replacement during her time as a librarian.

A princess.  Yes, I know that you can’t just decide to be a princess when you grow up.  However, try telling that to my princess-obsessed Little People.  One girl said she wanted to be a princess, and two wanted to be Rapunzel.  So I caved.  Plus, the crowns are so pretty…

A veterinarian.

Although I didn’t offer this option to the Little People, I did come up with a shirt pattern.  Here’s is a suit version.

I call this guy “the preacher”.

You might be wondering if these fun patterns are in the Teacher Stores.  Why yes, they are.  Here is the picture:

You can find this set in my Teachers Notebook and my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Thanks for taking a look!

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