Alien Spaceships in Preschool

Yesterday morning was one of those rare mornings where I didn’t have to rush off anywhere before school – no errands, meetings or Teacher Center visits.  So I spent the morning doing this and that around the house – which included making a batch of  pompom aliens.

Here they are hanging out on the “Teacher Toolbox”.  Most of them ended up with three eyes, but some of the baby ones just have one big one (these are my favorites).

The reason I made the pompom aliens is because I needed them to ride in the Alien Spaceships that we were making in school today (to go with our Space Unit).

My inspiration for this idea came from this pin:


I adapted the idea a bit, as I wanted to try and get the project done in one day and therefore wanted to avoid the painting.  My first idea was to buy mini foil pie tins for the spaceships, but  they didn’t have these at the Dollar Tree.  So then I found black plastic plates over on the party aisle and got these instead.  I also picked up some aluminum foil so that the Little People could have a choice of spaceship colors:  black or silver.

The actual spaceship-making process was simple.  The Little People first chose the color of their spaceship.  Then they got to choose their pompom alien while we (the teachers) squeezed glue on the bowl.  I am big on having the kids operate the glue themselves, but in this case we were using tacky glue which is very hard to squeeze out.  So we just added a nice layer of the glue and then handed it over.)   They also got the “window” to put over the aliens, which are actually plastic shot glasses – also from the Dollar Tree.

Once the alien was in place inside his window, the Little People added the provided decorations as they wished.

We didn’t worry about gluing the two bowls together until after the spaceships were decorated, as one upside down bowl was a much steadier surface to decorate than two bowls glued together would be.  Instead, I helped them glue the bottom bowl on when they were done decorating and then they got to add the clothespins around the edges to hold it together while drying.

Today the Little People were delighted to discover that their alien spaceships were dry and ready to  go home.

In hindsight, I would have punched holes in the tops of the shot glasses (with the heated end of a metal coat hanger) and attached string so we could hang the spaceships from the ceiling.  I also would have made sure these shot glass “windows” were glued on well enough to support hanging.  All of this is assuming of course that the next batch of Little People will let me keep them at school long enough to hang them up.  Because if they are anything like this year’s group they won’t want to keep them at school a minute longer than necessary and will just want to fly them out the door.

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